18 CFR § 3a.81 - Transmittal of classified material.

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§ 3a.81 Transmittal of classified material.

(a) A continuous receipting system, using copies of FERC Form 55, will record all transfers of classified items between elements or officials within the FERC. Receipts for transmittal of classified items from the central registry to the first recipient will be acknowledged on copy number one (original) of FERC Form 55. This copy will be returned to and become part of the central register, where it will remain as an active record until the item is either destroyed or transmitted outside the FERC control registry system. Receipts for subsequent transmittals through the FERC will be recorded on the remaining copies of FERC Form 55.

(b) A recipient will acknowledge receipt and assumption of custody of classified material exactly as it is described on FPC Form 55. If it is determined that parts are missing, it is incorrectly numbered, or otherwise recorded in error on FPC Form 55. The recipient will not sign for the material but will return it promptly to the transmitting element, notifying them accordingly.

(c) Whenever a classified or protected document is being internally transmitted, or is in use, it will be covered by either FERC Label 19, Top Secret Cover Sheet (yellow); FERC Label 20, Secret Cover Sheet (red); FERC Label 21, Confidential Cover Sheet (blue), or FERC Label 22, Official Use Only (Limited Official Use) green. In addition, the red back sheet, FERC Label 23, will be used. With the exception of the FERC Form 55, no transmittal paper or other material will be placed over the label, and no writing will be applied thereon.

(d) The transmission or transfer of custody of classified material outside of the FERC Washington offices or the Regional Offices will be covered by FERC Form 1284, Classified Document Receipt and/or Tracer, prepared in duplicate (one post card and one paper copy). The post card will be enclosed, along with the material being transferred, in the inner envelope, wrapping or container, and the paper copy retained in the central registry pending return of the signed post card.

(e) Classified material transmitted outside of the FERC Washington offices or the Regional Offices will be dispatched in two opaque envelopes or double wrapped in opaque wrapping paper. The outgoing material will be prepared for transmission by:

(1) Preparing and enclosing an appropriate receipt (see paragraph (d) of this section) in the inner envelope or wrapping.

(2) Addressing, return addressing, and sealing or taping the inner envelope or wrapping.

(3) Marking the security classification and other required notations on the front and back of the inner cover. If the nature of the contents deem it necessary or advisable, the inner cover may be marked with the following or a similar notation “To Be Opened By Addressee Only.” When this notation is used, an appropriate “Attention” line must be contained in the address on the outer envelope to insure delivery to the intended recipient.

(4) Enclosing the inner envelope or wrapping in an opaque outer envelope wrapper containing the appropriate address information. These outer covers will not contain any of the markings contained on the inner cover. If the outer cover does not fully conceal the markings on the inner envelope or wrapper, a sheet of plain paper should be folded around the inner wrapper to conceal the markings.

(f) Transmittal of Top Secret information and material shall be effected preferably by oral discussion in person between the officials concerned. Otherwise the transmission of Top Secret information and material shall be by specifically designated personnel, by State Department diplomatic pouch, by a messenger-courier system especially created for that purpose, over authorized communications circuits in encrypted form or by other means authorized by the National Security Council.

(g) Transmittal of material classified Secret or Confidential to any addressee in the 48 contiguous States and the District of Columbia, the State of Hawaii, the State of Alaska, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and Canadian Government installations by the FERC Washington offices or the Regional offices will be by registered mail only. Transmittal outside these specified areas will be as stated in paragraph C(2), Appendix B, of the NSC Directive of May 17, 1972.

[Order 470, 38 FR 5161, Feb. 26, 1973, as amended by Order 756, 77 FR 4893, Feb. 1, 2012]

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