18 CFR § 3b.226 - Accounting of disclosures.

§ 3b.226 Accounting of disclosures.

(a) The appropriate system manager specified for each system of records will keep an accurate written account of all disclosures of records made to any person or to any other agency with the written consent or at the written request of the individual to whom the record pertains and pursuant to § 3b.225(b)(3) through (11). The account will include the following information:

(1) The date, nature, and purpose of each disclosure;

(2) The name and address of the person or agency to whom the disclosure is made; and

(3) A reference to the justification or basis upon which the release was made, including reference to any written document required as when records are released for statistical or law enforcement purposes pursuant to § 3b.225(b) (5) and (7).

(b) Each system manager will retain the accounting made under paragraph (a) of this section for at least five years from the date of disclosure for which the accounting is made, or the life of the record, which ever is longer.

(c) Except for disclosures made for law enforcement purposes pursuant to § 3b.225(b)(7), and unless the system of records has been exempted from this provision pursuant to subpart D of this part, each system manager will make the accounting made under paragraph (a) of this section available to the individual named in the record at his written request.

(d) The accounting of disclosures is not a system of records under the definition in § 3b.2(e) and no accounting will be maintained for disclosure of the accounting of disclosures.

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