18 CFR § 5.17 - Filing of application.

§ 5.17 Filing of application.

(a)Deadline - new or subsequent license application. An application for a new or subsequent license must be filed no later than 24 months before the existing license expires.

(b)Subsequent licenses. An applicant for a subsequent license must file its application under part I of the Federal Power Act. The provisions of section 7(a) of the Federal Power Act do not apply to licensing proceedings involving a subsequent license.

(c)Rejection or dismissal of application. If the Commission rejects or dismisses an application for a new or subsequent license filed under this part pursuant to the provisions of § 5.20, the application may not be refiled after the new or subsequent license application filing deadline specified in paragraph (a) of this section.


(1)Filing and service. Each applicant for a license under this part must submit the application to the Commission's Secretary for filing pursuant to the requirements of subpart T of part 385 of this chapter. The applicant must serve one copy of the application on the Director of the Commission's Regional Office for the appropriate region and on each resource agency, Indian tribe, or member of the public consulted pursuant to this part.

(2) An applicant must publish notice twice of the filing of its application, no later than 14 days after the filing date in a daily or weekly newspaper of general circulation in each county in which the project is located. The notice must disclose the filing date of the application and briefly summarize it, including the applicant's name and address, the type of facility applied for, its proposed location, and the places where the information specified in § 5.2(b) is available for inspection and reproduction. The applicant must promptly provide the Commission with proof of the publication of this notice.

(e)PURPA benefits.

(1) Every application for a license for a project with a capacity of 80 megawatts or less must include in its application copies of the statements made under § 4.38(b)(2)(vi).

(2) If an applicant reverses a statement of intent not to seek PURPA benefits:

(i) Prior to the Commission issuing a license, the reversal of intent will be treated as an amendment of the application under § 4.35 of this chapter and the applicant must:

(A) Repeat the pre-filing consultation process under this part; and

(B) Satisfy all the requirements in § 292.208 of this chapter; or

(ii) After the Commission issues a license for the project, the applicant is prohibited from obtaining PURPA benefits.

(f)Limitations on submitting applications. The provisions of §§ 4.33(b), (c), and (e) of this chapter apply to license applications filed under this Section.

(g)Applicant notice. An applicant for a subsequent license that proposes to expand an existing project to encompass additional lands must include in its application a statement that the applicant has notified, by certified mail, property owners on the additional lands to be encompassed by the project and governmental agencies and subdivisions likely to be interested in or affected by the proposed expansion.

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