18 CFR § 5.9 - Comments and information or study requests.

§ 5.9 Comments and information or study requests.

(a) Comments and study requests. Comments on the pre-application document and the Commission staff's Scoping Document 1 must be filed with the Commission within 60 days following the Commission's notice of consultation procedures issued pursuant to § 5.8. Comments, including those by Commission staff, must be accompanied by any information gathering and study requests, and should include information and studies needed for consultation under section 7 of the Endangered Species Act and water quality certification under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act.

(b) Content of study request. Any information or study request must:

(1) Describe the goals and objectives of each study proposal and the information to be obtained;

(2) If applicable, explain the relevant resource management goals of the agencies or Indian tribes with jurisdiction over the resource to be studied;

(3) If the requester is not a resource agency, explain any relevant public interest considerations in regard to the proposed study;

(4) Describe existing information concerning the subject of the study proposal, and the need for additional information;

(5) Explain any nexus between project operations and effects (direct, indirect, and/or cumulative) on the resource to be studied, and how the study results would inform the development of license requirements;

(6) Explain how any proposed study methodology (including any preferred data collection and analysis techniques, or objectively quantified information, and a schedule including appropriate field season(s) and the duration) is consistent with generally accepted practice in the scientific community or, as appropriate, considers relevant tribal values and knowledge; and

(7) Describe considerations of level of effort and cost, as applicable, and why any proposed alternative studies would not be sufficient to meet the stated information needs.

(c) Applicant seeking PURPA benefits; estimate of fees. If a potential applicant has stated that it intends to seek PURPA benefits, comments on the pre-application document by a fish and wildlife agency must provide the potential applicant with a reasonable estimate of the total costs the agency anticipates it will incur in order to set mandatory terms and conditions for the proposed project. An agency may provide a potential applicant with an updated estimate as it deems necessary. If any agency believes that its most recent estimate will be exceeded by more than 25 percent, it must supply the potential applicant with a new estimate and submit a copy to the Commission.

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