18 CFR 701.5 - Organization pattern.

§ 701.5 Organization pattern.

(a) The Office of the Water Resources Council is composed of the Water Resources Council, the Chairman of the Water Resources Council, the Water Resources Council Staff headed by a Director, and Field Organizations within its jurisdiction.

(b) The Water Resources Council consists of the following Members: The Secretary of Agriculture; the Secretary of the Army; the Secretary of Commerce; the Secretary of Energy; the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; the Secretary of the Interior; the Secretary of Transportation; and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

(c) The Chairman of the Council is designated by the President.

(d) The Water Resources Council staff is employed, assigned duties and responsibilities, and supervised by the Director.

(e) The Council Members shall establish an Interagency Liaison Committee. Task forces may be established and assigned duties by the Director with the concurrence of the Members, and/or action of the Council. Any Council Member may provide each task force with whatever representation he or she deems necessary.

(f) Field organizations are established by or operate under the Council and include field committees formerly under the Inter-Agency Committee on Water Resources and the offices of the Chairmen of Federal-State River Basin Commissions established under Title II of the Act.

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