18 CFR § 801.8 - Flood plain management and protection.

§ 801.8 Flood plain management and protection.

(a) Periodic inundation of lands along waterways has not discouraged development of flood hazards areas. Major floods cause loss of life, extensive damages, and other conditions not in the public interest. A balanced flood plain management and protection program is needed to reduce the flood hazard to a minimum.

(b) The Commission may regulate the use of flood prone lands with approval of the appropriate signatory party, to safeguard public health, welfare, safety and property, and to sustain economic development.

(c) To foster sound flood plain controls, as an essential part of water resources management, the Commission shall:

(1) Encourage and coordinate the efforts of the signatory parties to control modification of the Susquehanna River and its tributaries by encroachment.

(2) Plan and promote implementation of projects and programs of a structural and nonstructural nature for the protection of flood plains subject to frequent flooding.

(3) Assist in the study and classification of flood prone lands to ascertain the relative risk of flooding, and establish standards for flood plain management.

(4) Promote the use of flood insurance by helping localities qualify for the national program.

(5) Assist in the development of a modern flood forecasting and warning system.