1. § 1309.1 What are the defined terms in this part and what do they mean?
  2. § 1309.2 What is the purpose of the Act?
  3. § 1309.3 What is the purpose of this part?
  4. § 1309.4 What programs or activities are covered by the Act and this part?
  5. § 1309.5 What are the rules against age discrimination?
  6. § 1309.6 Is the normal operation or statutory objective of any program or activity an exception to the rules against age discrimination?
  7. § 1309.7 Is the use of reasonable factors other than age an exception to the rules against age discrimination?
  8. § 1309.8 Who has the burden of proving that an action is excepted?
  9. § 1309.9 How does TVA provide financial assistance in conformity with the Act?
  10. § 1309.10 What general responsibilities do recipients and TVA have to ensure compliance with the Act?
  11. § 1309.11 What specific responsibilities do TVA and recipients have to ensure compliance with the Act?
  12. § 1309.12 What are a recipient's responsibilities on compliance reports and access to information?
  13. § 1309.13 What are the prohibitions against intimidation or retaliation?
  14. § 1309.14 How will complaints against recipients be processed?
  15. § 1309.15 How will TVA enforce compliance with the Act and this part?
  16. § 1309.16 What is the alternate funds disbursal procedure?
  17. § 1309.17 What is the procedure for hearings and issuance of TVA decisions required by this part?
  18. § 1309.18 Under what circumstances must recipients take remedial or affirmative action?
  19. § 1309.19 When may a complainant file a civil action?
TVA Act of 1933, 48 Stat. 58 (1933), as amended, 16 U.S.C. 831-831dd (1976), and sec. 304 of the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, 89 Stat 729 (1975), as amended, 42 U.S.C. 6103 (1976).
46 FR 30811, June 11, 1981, unless otherwise noted.
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