19 CFR § 10.254 - Certificate of Origin.

§ 10.254 Certificate of Origin.

A Certificate of Origin as specified in § 10.256 must be employed to certify that an article described in § 10.253(a) being exported from an ATPDEA beneficiary country to the United States qualifies for the preferential treatment referred to in § 10.251. The Certificate of Origin must be prepared in the ATPDEA beneficiary country by the producer or exporter or by the producer's or exporter's authorized agent. If the person preparing the Certificate of Origin is not the producer of the article, the person may complete and sign a Certificate on the basis of:

(a) The person's reasonable reliance on the producer's written representation that the article qualifies for preferential treatment; or

(b) A completed and signed Certificate of Origin for the article voluntarily provided to the person by the producer.

[CBP Dec. 06-21, 71 FR 44583, Aug. 7, 2006]

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