19 CFR § 10.415 - Maintenance of records.

§ 10.415 Maintenance of records.

(a) General. An importer claiming preferential tariff treatment for a good imported into the United States must maintain, for five years after the date of importation of the good, a certification (or a copy thereof) or other information demonstrating that the good qualifies as originating, and any records and documents that the importer has relating to the origin of the good, including records and documents associated with:

(1) The purchase of, cost of, value of, and payment for, the good;

(2) Where appropriate, the purchase of, cost of, value of, and payment for, all materials, including recovered goods and indirect materials, used in the production of the good; and,

(3) Where appropriate, the production of the good in the form in which the good was exported.

(b) Method of maintenance. The records referred to in paragraph (a) of this section must be maintained by importers as provided in § 163.5 of this chapter.

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