19 CFR § 10.458 - Accumulation.

§ 10.458 Accumulation.

(a) Originating goods or materials of Chile or the United States that are incorporated into a good in the territory of the other Party will be considered to originate in the territory of the other Party for purposes of determining the eligibility of the goods or materials for preferential tariff treatment under the US-CFTA.

(b) A good that is produced in the territory of Chile, the United States, or both, by one or more producers, will be considered as an originating good if the good satisfies the applicable requirements of § 10.451 and General Note 26, HTSUS.

[CBP Dec. 05-07, 70 FR 10873, Mar. 7, 2005, as amended by CBP Dec. 06-39, 71 FR 76134, Dec. 20, 2006]