19 CFR § 10.49 - Articles for exhibition; requirements on entry.

§ 10.49 Articles for exhibition; requirements on entry.

(a) There shall be filed in connection with the entry of works of art and other articles claimed to be free of duty under Chapter 98, Subchapter XII, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), a declaration, or its electronic equivalent, by a qualified officer of the institution in sufficient detail to demonstrate entitlement to entry as claimed, and a bond on Customs Form 301, containing the bond conditions set forth in § 113.62 of this chapter. Claim for free entry under Chapter 98, Subchapter XII may be made for articles of the character described therein which have been previously entered under any other provision of law and the entry amended accordingly upon compliance with the requirements of this section, provided the articles have not been released from Customs custody.

(b) The Center director may require a copy of the charter or other evidence of the character of the institution for which the articles are imported, and may also require the production of the original of any order given by such society or institution to any importing agent or dealer for such articles. The society or institution shall file, within 6 months after the date of filing the entry, any document or proof demanded by the Center director in connection with the entry.

(c) Articles entered under subheading 9812.00.20, HTSUS, may be transferred from one institution to another upon an application in writing in the case of each transfer describing the articles and stating the name of the institution to which transfer is to be made, provided the sureties to the bond assent in writing under seal or a new bond is filed. No entry or withdrawal shall be required for such a transfer.

(d) If any of the articles accorded free entry under Chapter 98, Subchapter XII shall be sold, offered or exposed for sale, transferred, or used in any manner contrary to the provisions of the regulations in this part, within 5 years after the date of entry under such part, the amount of the duties shall be collected immediately by the CBP, either at the port of entry or electronically and deposited as duties. If the articles are exported or destroyed under Customs supervision within such 5-year period, the liability under the bond shall be treated as terminated.

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