19 CFR § 10.551 - Issuance of negative origin determinations.

§ 10.551 Issuance of negative origin determinations.

If, as a result of an origin verification initiated under § 10.550 of this subpart, CBP denies a claim for preferential treatment made under § 10.510(a) of this subpart, it will issue a determination in writing or via an authorized electronic data interchange system to the importer that sets forth the following:

(a) A description of the good that was the subject of the verification together with the identifying numbers and dates of the import documents pertaining to the good;

(b) A statement setting forth the findings of fact made in connection with the verification and upon which the determination is based; and

(c) With specific reference to the rules applicable to originating goods as set forth in General Note 25, HTSUS, and in §§ 10.530 through 10.543 of this subpart, the legal basis for the determination.