19 CFR § 10.603 - Indirect materials.

§ 10.603 Indirect materials.

An indirect material, as defined in § 10.582(m) of this subpart, will be considered to be an originating material without regard to where it is produced.

Honduran Producer C produces good C using non-originating material A. Producer C imports non-originating rubber gloves for use by workers in the production of good C. Good C is subject to a tariff shift requirement. As provided in § 10.594(b)(1) of this subpart and General Note 29(n), each of the non-originating materials in good C must undergo the specified change in tariff classification in order for good C to be considered originating. Although non-originating material A must undergo the applicable tariff shift in order for good C to be considered originating, the rubber gloves do not because they are indirect materials and are considered originating without regard to where they are produced.