19 CFR § 113.33 - Corporations as principals.

§ 113.33 Corporations as principals.

(a) Name of corporation on the bonds. The name of a corporation executing a CBP bond as a principal, may be printed or placed thereon by means of a rubber stamp or otherwise, followed by the written signature of the authorized officer or attorney.

(b) Signature and seal of the corporation on the bond. The bond of a corporate principal must be signed by an authorized officer or attorney of the corporation and the corporate seal must be affixed immediately adjoining the signature of the person executing the bond, as provided for in § 113.25.

(c) Bond executed by an officer of corporation. When a bond is executed by an officer of a corporation, a power of attorney will not be required if the person signing the bond on behalf of the corporation is known to the Revenue Division, port director, or drawback office to be the president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary of the corporation. The officer's signature is prima facie evidence of that officer's authority to bind the corporation. When a power of attorney is required, it must conform to the requirements of subpart C, part 141, of this chapter.

(d) Bond executed by an attorney in fact. When an attorney in fact executes a bond on behalf of a corporate principal and a power of attorney has not been filed with the Revenue Division (unless exempted from filing by § 141.46 of this chapter), there must be attached a power of attorney executed by an officer of the corporation whose authority to execute the power must be shown as prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section.

(e) Subsidiaries as co-principals. The provisions of this section are applicable to each corporate subsidiary which joins its parent corporation by signing the bond as co-principal.

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