19 CFR § 12.99 - Procedures for permitted entry.

§ 12.99 Procedures for permitted entry.

(a) Declaration required. The entry of switchblade knives, the importation of which is permitted under § 12.98 shall be accompanied by a declaration, or its electronic equivalent, in duplicate, of the importer or consignee stating the facts of the import transaction as follows:

(1) Importation pursuant to Armed Forces contract.

(i) The names of the contracting Armed Forces branch and its supplier;

(ii) The specific contract relied upon identified by its date, number, or other contract designation; and

(iii) A description of the kind or type of knife imported, the quantity entered, and the aggregate entered value of the importation.

(2) Importation by a branch, member, or employee of the Armed Forces.

(i) The name of the Armed Forces branch by or for the account of which entry is made or the branch of the importing member or employee acting in performance of duty; and

(ii) The description, quantity, and aggregate entered value of the importation.

(3) Importation by a one-armed person. A statement that the knife has a blade not exceeding 3 inches in length and is possessed by and transported on the declarant's person solely for his necessary personal convenience, accommodation, and use as a one-armed individual.

(b) Attachments to declaration. Details for purposes of a declaration required under paragraph (a) of this section may be furnished by reference in the declaration, or its electronic equivalent, to attachment of the original or copy of the contract, or its electronic equivalent, or other documentation which contains the information.

(c) Execution of declaration. Declarations required by paragraph (a) of this section shall be executed as follows:

(1) Contract supplier; Armed Forces branch; member or employee. Declarations made under paragraph (a) or (b) of § 12.98 shall affirm that facts and data furnished are declared on knowledge, information, or belief of a signing officer, partner, or authorized representative of an importing contract supplier or of a commissioned officer, contracting officer, or employee authorized to represent an Armed Forces importing branch. The signature to a declaration shall appear over the declarant's printed or typewritten name, his title or rank, and the identity of the contract supplier or Armed Forces branch he represents or in which he has membership or employment.

(2) One-armed person. Declarations made under paragraph (c) of § 12.98, signed by the eligible person, shall be presented upon his arrival directly to a Customs officer who shall visually confirm the facts declared. An eligible knife shall be released only to the declarant.

(d) Verification of declared information. The importer, consignee, or declarant of knives permitted entry under § 12.98 upon request shall furnish Customs additional documentary evidence from an Armed Forces branch or other relevant source as Customs officers may require in order to:

(1) Verify declared statements;

(2) Resolve differences pertaining to quantity, description, value, or other discrepancy disclosed by the importation, entry, or related documentation;

(3) Establish the declarant's authority to act; or

(4) Authenticate a signature.

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