19 CFR 122.11 - Designation as international airport.

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§ 122.11 Designation as international airport.

(a)Procedure. International airports, as defined in § 122.1(e), will be designated after due investigation to establish that sufficient need exists in any port to justify such designation and to determine the airport best suited for such purpose. In each case, a specific airport will be chosen. International airports will be publicly owned, unless circumstances require otherwise

(b)Withdrawal of designation. The designation as an international airport may be withdrawn for any of the following reasons:

(1) The amount of business clearing through the airport does not justify maintenance of inspection equipment and personnel;

(2) Proper facilities are not provided or maintained by the airport;

(3) The rules and regulations of the Federal Government are not followed; or

(4) Some other location would be more useful.

(c)Providing office space to the Federal Government. Each international airport shall provide, without cost to the Federal Government, proper office and other space for the sole use of Federal officials working at the airport. A suitable paved loading area shall be supplied by each airport at a place convenient to the office space. The loading area shall be kept for the use of aircraft entering or clearing through the airport.