19 CFR § 122.24 - Landing requirements for certain aircraft arriving from areas south of U.S.

§ 122.24 Landing requirements for certain aircraft arriving from areas south of U.S.

(a)In general. Certain aircraft arriving from areas south of the United States that are subject to § 122.23 are required to furnish a notice of intended arrival in compliance with § 122.23. Subject aircraft must land for CBP processing at the nearest designated airport to the border or coastline crossing point as listed under paragraph (b) unless exempted from this requirement in accordance with § 122.25. In addition to the requirements of this section, pilots of aircraft to which § 122.23 is applicable must comply with all other landing and notice of arrival requirements. This requirement shall not apply to those aircraft which have not landed in foreign territory or are arriving directly from Puerto Rico, if the aircraft was inspected by CBP officers in the U.S. Virgin Islands, or otherwise precleared by CBP officers at designated preclearance locations.

(b)List of designated airports.

Location Name
Beaumont, Tex Jefferson County Airport.
Brownsville, Tex Brownsville International Airport.
Calexico, Calif Calexico International Airport.
Corpus Christi, Tex Corpus Christi International Airport.
Del Rio, Tex Del Rio International Airport.
Douglas, Ariz Bisbee-Douglas International Airport.
Douglas, Ariz Douglas Municipal Airport.
Eagle Pass, Tex Eagle Pass Municipal Airport.
El Paso, Tex El Paso International Airport.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.
Fort Lauderdale, Fla Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.
Fort Pierce, Fla St. Lucie County Airport.
Houston, Tex William P. Hobby Airport.
Key West, Fla Key West International Airport.
Laredo, Tex Laredo International Airport.
McAllen, Tex Miller International Airport.
Miami, Fla Miami International Airport.
Miami, Fla Opa-Locka Airport.
Miami, Fla Tamiami Airport.
Midland, TX Midland International Airport.
New Orleans, La New Orleans International Airport (Moissant Field).
New Orleans, La New Orleans Lakefront Airport.
Nogales, Ariz Nogales International Airport.
Presidio, Tex Presidio-Lely International Airport.
San Antonio Tex San Antonio International Airport.
San Diego, Calif Brown Field.
Santa Teresa, N. Mex Santa Teresa Airport.
Tampa, Fla Tampa International Airport.
Tucson, Ariz Tucson International Airport.
West Palm Beach, Fla Palm Beach International Airport.
Wilmington, NC New Hanover County Airport
Yuma, Ariz Yuma International Airport.
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