19 CFR § 122.93 - Procedure at destination or exportation airport.

§ 122.93 Procedure at destination or exportation airport.

(a) Delivery to port director. When a bonded shipment arrives at the destination or exportation airport, the aircraft commander or agent shall deliver one copy of the entry and manifest ( Customs Form 7512 or other Customs approved document) covering the shipment to the port director of that airport as notice of arrival. If the shipment was sent by separate aircraft more than 24 hours after the first part of the shipment was sent, then a manifest for each part of the shipment shall be delivered to the port director.

(b) Delivery to consignee. When the merchandise is sent under an entry for immediate transportation without appraisal, one copy of the manifest covering the merchandise shall be delivered by the carrier to the consignee. This copy is used to make entry, and may also be used as a carrier certificate as provided in § 141.11(a)(4) of this chapter.

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