19 CFR § 134.33 - J-List exceptions.

§ 134.33 J-List exceptions.

Articles of a class or kind listed below are excepted from the requirements of country of origin marking in accordance with the provisions of section 304(a)(3)(J), Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1304(a)(3)(J)). However, in the case of any article described in this list which is imported in a container, the outermost container in which the article ordinarily reaches the ultimate purchaser is required to be marked to indicate the origin of its contents in accordance with the requirements of subpart C of this part. All articles are listed in Treasury Decisions 49690, 49835, and 49896. A reference different from the foregoing indicates an amendment.

Articles References
Art, works of.
Articles classified under subheadings 9810.00.15, 9810.00.25, 9810.00.40 and 9810.00.45, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States T.D. 66-153.
Articles entered in good faith as antiques and rejected as unauthentic.
Bagging, waste.
Bags, jute.
Bands, steel.
Beads, unstrung.
Bearings, ball, 5/8-inch or less in diameter.
Blanks, metal, to be plated.
Bodies, harvest hat.
Bolts, nuts, and washers.
Briarwood in blocks.
Briquettes, coal or coke.
Buckles, 1 inch or less in greatest dimension.
Cards, playing.
Cellophane and celluloid in sheets, bands, or strips.
Chemicals, drugs, medicinal, and similar substances, when imported in capsules, pills, tablets, lozenges, or troches.
Cigars and cigarettes.
Covers, straw bottle.
Dies, diamond wire, unmounted.
Dowels, wooden.
Effects, theatrical.
Flooring, not further manufactured than planed, tongued and grooved T.D.s 49750; 50366(6).
Flowers, artificial, except bunches.
Flowers, cut.
Glass, cut to shape and size for use in clocks, hand, pocket, and purse mirrors, and other glass of similar shapes and sizes, not including lenses or watch crystals.
Glides, furniture, except glides with prongs.
Hides, raw.
Hooks, fish (except snelled fish hooks) T.D. 50205(3).
Hoops (wood), barrel.
Leather, except finished.
Lumber, sawed T.D.s 49750; 50366(6).
Metal bars, except concrete reinforcement bars; billets, blocks, blooms; ingots; pigs; plates; sheets, except galvanized sheets; shafting; slabs; and metal in similar forms.
Mica not further manufactured than cut or stamped to dimensions, shape or form.
Nails, spikes, and staples.
Natural products, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, and live or dead animals, fish and birds; all the foregoing which are in their natural state or not advanced in any manner further than is necessary for their safe transportation.
Nets, bottle, wire.
Paper, newsprint.
Paper, stencil.
Paper, stock.
Parchment and vellum.
Parts for machines imported from same country as parts.
Pickets (wood).
Pins, tuning.
Plants, shrubs and other nursery stock.
Plugs, tie.
Poles, bamboo.
Posts (wood), fence.
Rags (including wiping rags)
Rails, joint bars, and tie plates covered by subheadings 7302.10.10 through 7302.90.00, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.
Rope, including wire rope; cordage; cords; twines, threads, and yarns.
Scrap and waste.
Shims, track.
Shingles (wood), bundles of (except bundles of red-cedar shingles) T.D. 49750.
Skins, fur, dressed or dyed.
Skins, raw fur.
Springs, watch.
Stamps, postage and revenue, and other articles covered in subheadings 9704.00.00 and 4807.00.00, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States T.D. 66-153.
Staves (wood), barrel.
Steel, hoop.
Sugar, maple.
Ties (wood), railroad.
Tides, not over 1 inch in greatest dimension.
Timbers, sawed.
Tips, penholder.
Trees, Christmas.
Weights, analytical and precision in sets T.D.s 49750; 51802.
Wicking, candle.
Wire, except barbed.
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