19 CFR § 134.55 - Compensation of Customs officers and employees.

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§ 134.55 Compensation of Customs officers and employees.

(a) Time for which compensation is charged. The time for which compensation is charged shall include all periods devoted to supervision and all periods during which Customs officers or employees are away from their regular posts of duty by reason of such assignment and for which compensation to such officers and employees is provided for by law.

(b) Applicability -

(1) Official hours. The compensation of Customs Officers or employees assigned to supervise the exportation, destruction, or marking of articles so as to exempt them from the application of marking duties shall be computed in accordance with the provisions of §§ 24.16 or 24.17(a)(3), respectively, of this chapter when such supervision is performed during a regularly-scheduled tour of duty.

(2) Overtime. When such supervision is performed by a Customs Officer or employee in an overtime status, the compensation with respect to the overtime shall be computed in accordance with the provisions of § 24.16 or § 24.17, respectively, of this chapter.

(c) Expenses included. In formulating charges for expenses pertaining to supervision of exportation, destruction, or marking, there shall be included all expenses of transportation, per diem allowance in lieu of subsistence, and all other expenses incurred by reason of such supervision from the time the Customs officer leaves his official station until he returns thereto.

(d) Services rendered for more than one importer. If the importations of more than one importer are concurrently supervised, the service rendered for each importer shall be regarded as a separate assignment, but the total amount of the compensation, and any expenses properly applicable to more than one importer, shall be equitably apportioned among the importers concerned.

[T.D. 72-262, 37 FR 20318, Sept. 29, 1972, as amended by T.D. 94-74, 59 FR 46757, Sept. 12, 1994]

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