19 CFR § 141.85 - Pro forma invoice.

§ 141.85 Pro forma invoice.

A pro forma invoice submitted in accordance with any provision of this chapter shall be in substantially the following form:

Pro Forma Invoice
Importers Statement Of Value Or The Price Paid In The Form Of An Invoice

Not being in possession of a commercial seller's or shipper's invoice I request that you accept the statement of value or the price paid in the form of an invoice submitted below:

Name of shipper
address ____________
Name of seller
address ____________;.
Name of consignee
address ____________.
Name of purchaser
address ____________.

The merchandise (has) (has not) been purchased or agreed to be purchased by me.

The prices, or in the case of consigned goods the values, given below are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and are based upon: (Check basis with an “X”)

(a) The price paid or agreed to be paid (_) as per order dated ______.

(b) Advices from exporter by letter ( - ) by cable (_) dated ______.

(c) Comparative values of shipments previously received (_) dated ______.

(d) Knowledge of the market in the country of exportation (_) ______.

(e) Knowledge of the market in the United States (if U.S. Value) (_) ______.

(f) Advice by CBP (_) ______.

(g) Other (_) ______.

A - Case marks numbers B - Manufacturer's item No. symbol or brand C - Quantities and full description D - Unit purchase price (currency) E - Total purchase price (currency) F - Unit foreign value G - Total foreign value

Check which of the charges below are, and which are not included in the prices listed in columns “D” and “E”:

Amount Included Not included
Wharfage and loading abroad
Ocean freight
U.S. duties
Other charges (identify by name and amount)

Country of origin ____________.

If any other invoice is received, I will immediately file it with an authorized CBP official.

(Signature of person
making invoice)
(Title and firm name)
[T.D. 73-175, 38 FR 17447, July 2, 1973, as amended by T.D. 85-39, 50 FR 9612, Mar. 11, 1985]

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