19 CFR § 142.11 - Entry summary form.

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§ 142.11 Entry summary form.

(a) CBP Form 7501. The entry summary must be on the CBP Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, unless a different form or format is prescribed elsewhere in this chapter. CBP Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, must be used for merchandise formally entered for consumption, formally entered for warehouse, or rewarehouse in accordance with § 144.11 of this chapter, and formally entered temporarily under bond under § 10.31 of this chapter. The entry summary for merchandise which may be entered free of duty in accordance with § 10.1(g) or (h) may be on CBP Form 3311, or its electronic equivalent, instead of on a CBP Form 7501 (or its electronic equivalent). For merchandise entitled to be entered under an informal entry, see § 143.23 of this chapter.

(b) Extra copies. The CBP may require additional copies of the entry summary if filed in paper.

[CBP Dec. No. 15-14, 80 FR 61289, Oct. 13, 2015]