19 CFR § 142.15 - Failure to file entry summary timely.

§ 142.15 Failure to file entry summary timely.

If the entry summary documentation is not filed timely, the port director shall make an immediate demand for liquidated damages in the entire amount of the bond in the case of a single entry bond. When the transaction has been charged against a continuous bond, the demand shall be for the amount that would have been demanded if the merchandise had been released under a single entry bond. Any application to cancel liquidated damages incurred shall be made in accordance with part 172 of this chapter.

(R.S. 251, as amended, secs. 623, as amended, 624, 46 Stat. 759, as amended (19 U.S.C. 66, 1623, 1624))
[T.D. 79-221, 44 FR 46821, Aug. 9, 1979, as amended by T.D. 84-213, 49 FR 41185, Oct. 19, 1984]