19 CFR § 143.36 - Form of immediate delivery, entry and entry summary.

§ 143.36 Form of immediate delivery, entry and entry summary.

(a) Electronic form of data. If Customs determines that the immediate delivery, entry or entry summary data is satisfactory under §§ 143.34 and 143.35, the electronic form of the immediate delivery, entry or entry summary through ABI shall be deemed to satisfy all filing requirements under this part. Further, the filer will not be required to produce or physically submit any official Customs forms of immediate delivery, entry or entry summary. The filer is responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted electronically to the same extent as if the documents were produced, signed and physically submitted by the filer (see § 111.32 of this chapter).

(b) Accuracy of data. Participation constitutes declaration by the electronic filer that, to the best of his knowledge, all transactions filed electronically fully disclose prices, values, quantities, rebates, drawbacks, fees, commissions, and royalties, which are true and correct, and that all goods or services provided either free or at a reduced cost to the seller of the merchandise are fully disclosed (see § 111.32 of this chapter).

(c) Submission of invoice. The invoice will be retained by the filer unless requested by Customs. If the invoice is submitted by the filer before a request is made by Customs, it will not be accepted or retained by Customs. When Customs requests presentation of the invoice, invoice data must be submitted in one of the following forms:

(1) Paper form;

(2) AII or EDIFACT format.

(3) In appropriate cases where a party has obtained a preclassification/binding ruling number covering the merchandise being entered, or is a participant in a pre-approval program, and information is electronically transmitted which is adequate for the examination of the merchandise and the determination of duties, and for verifying the information required for statistical purposes by § 141.61(e) of this chapter, such information will satisfy the invoice requirement of this part and part 141 of this chapter.

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