19 CFR § 144.32 - Statement of quantity; charges and liens.

§ 144.32 Statement of quantity; charges and liens.

(a) On each withdrawal. Each withdrawal filed shall have indicated thereon, preferably in the lower part of the left-hand margin if there is no space designated on the form for such information, a summary statement of the account to which it is related. The statement shall indicate:

(1) The quantity (i.e., the number of outer containers, or tons, etc.) in the warehouse account before the withdrawal;

(2) The quantity being withdrawn; and

(3) The quantity remaining in warehouse after the withdrawal. The quantity in each instance may be shown as a cumulative total event though it may include a group of varied units such as boxes, cases, or cartons, and may consist of more than one commodity, such as distilled spirits, chinaware, etc.

(b) Transferred merchandise. When all or a portion of an original lot has been transferred to a new owner in accordance with subpart C of this part, each withdrawal by the transferee shall show only the quantity on hand in the transferee's name before the withdrawal, the quantity being withdrawn by the transferee, and the transferred quantity remaining in the warehouse after the withdrawal. The quantity retained by the original importer and the quantity transferred shall be treated as separate accounts.

(c) Charges and liens. Upon receipt of an application to withdraw merchandise the appropriate Customs officer shall determine whether there are any cartage, storage, labor, or any other charges due the Government in connection with the goods remaining unpaid or whether there is on file any notice of lien filed by a carrier. If there are no charges or liens or all charges and liens have been satisfied, and all other requirements of law or regulations have been met, the application to withdraw shall be approved.

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