19 CFR § 146.22 - Admission of merchandise to a zone.

§ 146.22 Admission of merchandise to a zone.

(a) Identification. All merchandise will be recorded in a receiving report or document using a zone lot number or unique identifier. All merchandise, except domestic status merchandise for which no permit for admission is required under § 146.43, will be traceable to a Customs Form 214 and accompanying documentation.

(b) Reconciliation. Quantities received will be reconciled to a receiving report or document such as an invoice with any discrepancy reported to the port director as provided in § 146.37.

(c) Incomplete documentation. Merchandise received without complete Customs documentation or which is unacceptable to the inventory control and recordkeeping system will be recorded in a suspense account or record until documentation is complete or the system is capable of accepting the information, at which time it will be formally admitted to the zone under § 146.32 or 146.40. The receiving report or document will provide sufficient information to identify the merchandise and distinguish it from other merchandise. The suspense account or record will be completely documented for Customs review to explain the differences noted and corrections made.

(d) Recordation. Merchandise received will be accurately recorded in the inventory system records from the receiving report or document using the zone lot number or unique identifier for traceability. The inventory record will state the quantity and date admitted, cost or value where applicable, zone status, and description of the merchandise, including any part or stock number.

(e) Harbor maintenance fee. When imported cargo is unloaded from a commercial vessel at a U.S. port and admitted into a foreign trade zone, the applicant for admission of that cargo into the zone may be subject to the harbor maintenance fee as set forth in § 24.24 of this chapter.

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