19 CFR § 151.62 - Information on invoices.

§ 151.62 Information on invoices.

Invoices of wool or hair subject to duty at a rate per clean kilogram under Chapter 51, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (19 U.S.C. 1202), shall show the following detailed information in addition to other information required:

(a) Condition, that is, whether in the grease, washed, pulled, on the skin, scoured, carbonized, burr-picked, willowed, handshaken, or beaten;

(b) Whether free of vegetable matter, practically free, slightly burry, medium burry, heavy burry;

(c) Whether in the fleece, skirted, matchings, or sorted;

(d) Length, that is, whether super combing, ordinary combing, clothing, or filling;

(e) Country of origin, and, if possible, the province, section, or locality of production;

(f) If wool, the type symbol by which it is bought and sold in the country of origin and the grade of each lot covered by the invoice, specifying the standard or basis used, that is, whether U.S. Official Standards or the commercial terms to designate grade in the country of shipment; and

(g) Net weight of each lot of wool or hair covered by the invoice in the condition in which it is shipped, and the shipper's estimate of the clean yield of each lot by weight or by percentage.

[T.D. 73–175, 38 FR 17470, July 2, 1973, as amended by T.D. 89–1, 53 FR 51269, Dec. 21, 1988]