19 CFR § 152.108 - Unacceptable bases of appraisement.

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§ 152.108 Unacceptable bases of appraisement.

For the purposes of this subpart, imported merchandise may not be appraised on the basis of:

(a) The selling price in the United States of merchandise produced in the United States;

(b) A system that provides for the appraisement of imported merchandise at the higher of two alternative values;

(c) The price of merchandise in the domestic market of the country of exportation;

(d) A cost of production, other than a value determined under § 152.106 for merchandise that is identical merchandise, or similar merchandise, to the merchandise being appraised;

(e) The price of merchandise for export to a country other than the United States;

(f) Minimum values for appraisement;

(g) Arbitrary or fictitious values.

[T.D. 81-7, 46 FR 2600, Jan. 12, 1981, as amended by T.D. 85-123, 50 FR 29956, July 23, 1985]