19 CFR § 159.7 - Rewarehouse entries.

§ 159.7 Rewarehouse entries.

The liquidation of the original warehouse entry shall be followed in determining the liability for duties on a rewarehouse entry, except in the following cases:

(a) Merchandise excluded from liquidation of original warehouse entry. When any of the following types of merchandise are withdrawn from warehouse for transportation to another port, they will be excluded from the liquidation of the original warehouse entry, and the liability for duties will be determined by a liquidation of the rewarehouse entry made at the port where the merchandise is withdrawn for consumption or for exportation:

(1) Alcoholic beverages provided for in headings 2203 through 2208, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) (19 U.S.C. 1202), and subject to internal revenue taxes;

(2) Cigars, cigarettes, and cigarette papers and tubes subject to internal revenue taxes;

(3) Tariff-rate quota merchandise; and

(4) Wool or hair subject to duty at a rate per clean kilogram under Chapter 51, HTSUS.

(b) Reliquidation required by change in rate. When a rate of customs duty or tax is changed by an act of Congress or a proclamation of the President, any necessary reliquidation of customs duty or tax on merchandise covered by a rewarehouse entry which may be required by reason of the change in rate will be made by the Center director on the effective date of the change.

(c) Shortage, irregular delivery, nondelivery, and other cases. In cases involving shortage, irregular delivery, or nondelivery under the original warehouse withdrawal for transportation, or in other cases when the Center director is of the opinion that circumstances make it inadvisable to follow the liquidation of the original warehouse entry, he will make an appropriate adjustment in the amount of duties to be assessed under the rewarehouse entry.

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