19 CFR § 165.15 - Initiation of investigations.

§ 165.15 Initiation of investigations.

(a) Time for determination. CBP will make a determination as to whether to initiate an investigation on or before the 15th business day after the date on which a properly filed allegation is received under § 165.12(a) or a request for an investigation is received from a Federal agency under § 165.14.

(b) Criteria for initiation. CBP will initiate an investigation under subpart C of this part if the following criteria are satisfied:

(1) Nature of merchandise. The covered merchandise described in the allegation or Federal agency request for an investigation is properly within the scope of an AD/CVD order. If CBP lacks sufficient information to make such determination as to the scope of the order, then it will refer the matter to the Department of Commerce pursuant to § 165.16.

(2) Likelihood of evasion. The information provided in the allegation or Federal agency request for an investigation reasonably suggests that the covered merchandise has been entered for consumption into the customs territory of the United States through evasion as it is defined in § 165.1.

(c) Exceptions. Even if the criteria in paragraph (b) of this section are satisfied, CBP will not initiate an investigation under the following circumstances:

(1) Clerical error. A clerical error, as defined in 19 U.S.C. 1517(a)(5)(B), is not evasion, although CBP will take appropriate actions to ensure that AD/CVD duties are assessed and collected.

(2) Withdrawal. An allegation or a request for an investigation from another Federal agency may be withdrawn pursuant to the requirements of § 165.12(b) or § 165.14(a), as applicable.

(d) Notification of the investigation. If CBP determines that it will not initiate an investigation, it will notify the interested party who filed the allegation within five business days of that determination. Otherwise, the parties to the investigation will be notified consistent with the following time limits:

(1) In general. CBP will issue notification of its decision to initiate an investigation to all parties to the investigation no later than 95 calendar days after the decision has been made, and the actual date of initiation will be specified therein. However, notification to all parties to the investigation will occur no later than five business days after interim measures are taken pursuant to § 165.24.

(2) Consolidated allegations. If multiple allegations are consolidated, any interested party who filed an allegation after initiation of an investigation will be notified by CBP of the date of the decision to initiate an investigation when that party receives notice of consolidation under § 165.13(c).

(e) Record of the investigation. If an investigation is initiated pursuant to subpart B of this part, then the information considered by CBP prior to initiation will be part of the administrative record pursuant to § 165.21.