19 CFR § 165.6 - Adverse inferences.

§ 165.6 Adverse inferences.

(a) In general. If the party to the investigation that filed an allegation, the importer, or the foreign producer or exporter of the covered merchandise fails to cooperate and comply to the best of its ability with a request for information made by CBP, CBP may apply an inference adverse to the interests of that party in selecting from among the facts otherwise available to make the determination as to evasion pursuant to § 165.27 and subpart D of this part.

(b) Adverse inferences described. An adverse inference used under paragraph (a) may include reliance on information derived from an allegation, a prior determination in another CBP investigation, proceeding, or action that involves evasion of AD/CVD orders, or any other available information on the administrative record.

(c) Application. An adverse inference described in this section may be used with respect to the importer of the covered merchandise, or the foreign producer or exporter of the covered merchandise without regard to whether another party involved in the same transaction or transactions under examination has provided the information sought by CBP, such as import or export documentation.

[81 FR 56482, Aug. 22, 2016, as amended at 89 FR 19259, Mar. 18, 2024]