19 CFR § 173.3 - Voluntary reliquidation.

§ 173.3 Voluntary reliquidation.

(a) Authority to reliquidate. Within 90 days from the date notice of deemed liquidation or notice of the original liquidation is given to the importer, consignee, or agent, the Center director may reliquidate on his own initiative a liquidation or a reliquidation to correct errors in appraisement, classification, or any other element entering into the liquidation or reliquidation, including errors based on misconstruction of applicable law. A voluntary reliquidation may be made even though a protest has been filed, and whether the error is discovered by the Center director or is brought to his attention by an interested party.

(b) Notice of reliquidation. Notice of a voluntary reliquidation will be given in accordance with the requirements for giving notice of the original liquidation.

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