19 CFR § 19.14 - Materials for use in manufacturing warehouse.

§ 19.14 Materials for use in manufacturing warehouse.

(a) Imported merchandise to be used in a bonded manufacturing warehouse shall be entered on Customs Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, at the port at which such warehouse is located. Such form shall be prepared in 5 copies and shall contain all of the statistical information as provided in § 141.61(e) of this chapter. If the merchandise has been im ported or entered for warehouse at another port, it may be forwarded to the port at which the manufacturing warehouse is located under an immediate transportation without appraisement entry or warehouse withdrawal for transportation, whichever is applicable.

(b) Bond required. Before the transfer of the merchandise to the manufacturing warehouse is permitted, a bond on Customs Form 301, containing the bond conditions set forth in § 113.62 of this chapter shall be required.

(c) Domestic merchandise. When the proprietor of any bonded manufacturing warehouse desires to receive therein any domestic merchandise, except merchandise subject to internal-revenue tax, to be used in connection with the manufacturer of articles permitted to be manufactured in such warehouse, including packages, coverings, vessels, and labels used in putting up such articles, an application in the following form shall be sent to the port director for approval and after approval retained by the warehouse proprietor:

Application To Receive Free Materials
Port of
____________________, 19____.

To the Port Director:

Application is hereby made to receive into the bonded manufacturing warehouse known as ________________, situated at ________________ the following described articles and materials:

Marks Nos. Description Quantity Value
____________________, 19____.
To the warehouse proprietor in charge of the bonded manufacturing warehouse specified above:

The above described articles and materials are hereby permitted to be received into the warehouse in your charge, to be used therein in connection with the manufacture of articles as authorized by law.

Port Director

(d) Domestic spirits and wines. For the transfer of domestic spirits from the bonded premises of a distilled spirits plant to a bonded manufacturing warehouse, or for the transfer of domestic wines from a bonded wine cellar to a bonded manufacturing warehouse, a bond on Customs Form 301, containing the bond conditions set forth in § 113.62 of this chapter, shall be required.

(e) Monthly statement. At the end of each month, the proprietor shall file with the port director a statement of all imported merchandise on which Internal Revenue tax has not been paid which was used by the proprietor in the manufacture of articles. The statement shall report this information for each warehouse entry represented in the manufacturing process.

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