19 CFR § 19.38 - Supervision of exportation.

§ 19.38 Supervision of exportation.

(a) Sales ticket withdrawals. Conditionally duty-free merchandise withdrawn under the sales ticket procedure for exportation shall be exported only under Customs supervision as provided in this section and § 19.39 of this part. General Customs supervision shall be exercised as provided in § 19.4 of this part and § 101.2(c) of this chapter, and may consist of spot checks of exportation transactions, examination of articles being exported, and audits of the proprietor's records.

(b) Supervision of ATF bonded exports. Customs officers may conduct general supervision of exportations of cigarettes and cigars from ATF export bonded warehouses (see 27 CFR part 290) in conjunction with exportation from duty-free stores.

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