19 CFR § 191.11 - Tradeoff.

§ 191.11 Tradeoff.

(a) Exchanged merchandise. To comply with §§ 191.21 and 191.22 of this part, the use of domestic merchandise taken in exchange for imported merchandise of the same kind and quality (as defined in § 191.2(x)(1) of this part for purposes of 19 U.S.C. 1313(b)) shall be treated as use of the imported merchandise if no certificate of delivery is issued covering the transfer of the imported merchandise. This provision shall be known as tradeoff and is authorized by § 313(k) of the Act, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1313(k)).

(b) Requirements. Tradeoff must occur between two separate legal entities but it is not necessary that the entity exchanging the imported merchandise be the importer thereof. In addition, tradeoff must consist of an exchange of same kind and quality merchandise and nothing else (the exchange may be of different quantities of same kind and quality merchandise, but may not involve the payment or receipt of cash payments or other than same kind and quality merchandise). If the quantities of merchandise exchanged are different, the lesser quantity shall be the quantity available for drawback. If the quantity of domestic merchandise received is greater than the quantity of imported merchandise exchanged, the merchandise identified for drawback shall be the portion of the domestic merchandise equal to the quantity of imported merchandise which is first received.

(c) Application. Each would-be user of tradeoff, except those operating under an approved specific manufacturing drawback ruling covering substitution, must apply to the Entry Process and Duty Refunds Branch, Regulations and Rulings, Office of International Trade, CBP Headquarters, for a determination of whether the imported and domestic merchandise are of the same kind and quality. For those users manufacturing under substitution drawback, this request should be contained in the application for a specific manufacturing drawback ruling (§ 191.8). For those users manufacturing under a general manufacturing drawback ruling (§ 191.7), the request should be made by a separate letter.

[T.D. 98-16, 63 FR 11006, Mar. 5, 1998; 63 FR 15288, Mar. 31, 1998]

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