19 CFR § 210.55 - Content of service copies.

§ 210.55 Content of service copies.

(a) Any purported confidential business information that is deleted from the nonconfidential service copies of the complaint and motion for temporary relief must satisfy the requirements of § 201.6(a) of this chapter (which defines confidential information for purposes of Commission proceedings). For attachments to the complaint or motion that are confidential in their entirety, the complainant must provide a nonconfidential summary of what each attachment contains. Despite the redaction of confidential material from the complaint and motion for temporary relief, the nonconfidential service copies must contain enough factual information about each element of the violation alleged in the complaint and the motion to enable each proposed respondent to comprehend the allegations against it.

(b) If the Commission determines that the complaint, motion for temporary relief, or any exhibits or attachments thereto contain excessive designations of confidentiality that are not warranted under § 201.6(a) of this chapter, the Commission may require the complainant to file and serve new non-confidential versions of the aforesaid submissions in accordance with § 210.54 and may determine that the 35-day period under § 210.58 for deciding whether to institute an investigation and to provisionally accept the motion for temporary relief for further processing shall begin to run anew from the date the new non-confidential versions are filed with the Commission and served on the proposed respondents in accordance with § 210.54.

[59 FR 39039, Aug. 1, 1994, as amended at 73 FR 38326, July 7, 2008]

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