19 CFR Appendix to Part 102 - Textile and Apparel Manufacturer Identification

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Appendix to Part 102 - Textile and Apparel Manufacturer Identification
Rules for Constructing the Manufacturer Identification Code (MID)

1. Pursuant to § 102.23(a) of this part, all commercial importations of textile or apparel products, as defined in that paragraph, must identify on CBP Form 3461, or its electronic equivalent, (Entry/Immediate Delivery) and CBP Form 7501, or its electronic equivalent, (Entry Summary), and in all electronic data transmissions that require identification of the manufacturer, the manufacturer of such products through a manufacturer identification code (MID) constructed from the name and address of the entity performing the origin-conferring operations. The MID may be up to 15 characters in length, with no spaces inserted between the characters.

2. The first 2 characters of the MID consist of the ISO code for the actual country of origin of the goods. The one exception to this rule is Canada. “CA” is not a valid country code for the MID; instead, one of the appropriate province codes listed below must be used:


3. The next group of characters in the MID consists of the first three characters in each of the first two “words” of the manufacturer's name. If there is only one “word” in the name, then only the first three characters from the name are to be used. For example, “Amalgamated Plastics Corp.” would yield “AMAPLA,” and “Bergstrom” would yield “BER.” If there are two or more initials together, they are to be treated as a single word. For example, “A.B.C. Company” or “A B C Company” would yield “ABCCOM,” “O.A.S.I.S. Corp.” would yield “OASCOR,” “Dr. S.A. Smith” would yield “DRSA,” and “Shavings B L Inc.” would yield “SHABL.” The English words “a,” “an,” “and,” “of,” and “the” in the manufacturer's name are to be ignored. For example, “The Embassy of Spain” would yield “EMBSPA.” Portions of a name separated by a hyphen are to be treated as a single word. For example, “Rawles-Aden Corp.” or “Rawles - Aden Corp.” would both yield “RAWCOR.” Some names include numbers. For example, “20th Century Fox” would yield “20TCEN” and “Concept 2000” would yield “CON200.”

a. Some words in the title of the foreign manufacturer's name are not to be used for the purpose of constructing the MID. For example, most textile factories in Macau start with the same words, “Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario,” which means “Factory of Clothing.” For a factory named “Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario JUMP HIGH Ltd,” the portion of the factory name that identifies it as a unique entity is “JUMP HIGH.” This is the portion of the name that should be used to construct the MID. Otherwise, all of the MIDs from Macau would be the same, using “FABDE,” which is incorrect.

b. Similarly, many factories in Indonesia begin with the prefix PT, such as “PT Morich Indo Fashion.” In Russia, other prefixes are used, such as “JSC,” “OAO,” “OOO,” and “ZAO.” These prefixes are to be ignored for the purpose of constructing the MID.

4. The next group of characters in the MID consists of the first four numbers in the largest number on the street address line. For example, “11455 Main Street, Suite 9999” would yield “1145.” A suite number or a post office box is to be used if it contains the largest number. For example, “232 Main Street, Suite 1234” would yield “1234.” If the numbers in the street address are spelled out, such as “One Thousand Century Plaza,” no numbers representing the manufacturer's address will appear in this section of the MID. However, if the address is “One Thousand Century Plaza, Suite 345,” this would yield “345.” When commas or hyphens separate numbers, all punctuation is to be ignored and the number that remains is to be used. For example, “12,34,56 Alaska Road” and “12-34-56 Alaska Road” would yield “1234.” When numbers are separated by a space, both numbers are recognized and the larger of the two numbers is to be selected. For example, “Apt. 509 2727 Cleveland St.” would yield “2727.”

5. The last characters in the MID consist of the first three letters in the city name. For example, “Tokyo” would yield “TOK,” “St. Michel” would yield “STM,” “18-Mile High” would yield “MIL,” and “The Hague” would yield “HAG.” Numbers in the city name or line are to be ignored. For city-states, the first three letters are to be taken from the country name. For example, Hong Kong would yield “HON,” Singapore would yield “SIN,” and Macau would yield “MAC.”

6. As a general rule, in constructing a MID, all punctuation, such as commas, periods, apostrophes, and ampersands, are to be ignored. All single character initials, such as the “S” in “Thomas S. Delvaux Company,” are also to be ignored, as are leading spaces in front of any name or address.

7. Examples of manufacturer names and addresses and their corresponding MIDs are listed below:

LA VIE DE FRANCE, 243 Rue de la Payees, 62591 Bremond, France; FRLAVIE243BRE
20TH CENTURY TECHNOLOGIES, 5 Ricardo Munoz, Suite 5880, Caracas, Venezuela; VE20TCEN5880CAR
Fabrica de Artigos de Vestuario TOP JOB, Grand River Building, FI 2-4, Macau; MOTOPJOB24MAC
THE GREENHOUSE, 45 Royal Crescent, Birmingham, Alabama 35204; USGRE45BIR
CARDUCCIO AND JONES, 88 Canberra Avenue, Sidney, Australia; AUCARJON88SID
N. MINAMI & CO., LTD., 2-6, 8-Chome Isogami-Dori, Fukiai-Ku, Kobe, Japan; JPMINCO26KOB
BOCCHACCIO S.P.A., Visa Mendotti, 61, 8320 Verona, Italy; ITBOCSPA61VER
SIGMA COY E.X.T., 4000 Smyrna, Italy, 1640 Delgado; ITSIGCOY1640SMY
COMPANHIA TEXTIL KARSTEN, Calle Grande, 25-27, 67890 Lisbon, Portugal, PTKAR2527LIS
HURON LANDMARK, 1840 Huron Road, Windsor, ON, Canada N9C 2L5; XOHURLAN1840WIN
A.B.C. COMPANY, 55-5 Hung To Road, P.O. Box 1234, Kowloon, Hong Kong; HKABCCOM1234HON.
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