2 CFR § 1134.140 - Performance reporting procedures.

§ 1134.140 Performance reporting procedures.

(a) Requirement. A DoD Component's general terms and conditions must inform recipients about performance reporting procedures.

(b) Award terms and conditions. To implement the requirement of paragraph (a) of this section, a DoD Component in its general terms and conditions must insert wording in Section F of REP Article I (which is reserved in the template for REP Article I that appendix A to this part provides), to specify:

(1) The office or offices to which a recipient must submit its interim and final performance reports, any requests in due dates for those reports, and any reports of significant developments; and

(2) How the recipient is to submit those reports and requests (e.g., email or other electronic submission method).

(3) For research awards, component must assure that the recipient final report complies with the distribution and marking requirements of DoD Manual 3200.14, Volume 1. This includes the requirement that all significant scientific or technological findings, recommendations, and results derived from DoD endeavors—which shall include the final performance report at a minimum—are recorded and provided to Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). Follow guidance in (b)(1) to inform recipients as the submission and distribution requirements (i.e. Component may choose to receive the report and submit to DTIC themselves or provide instructions to recipient on submission to DTIC).

(4) Access to Research Results

(i) For purposes of this term and condition, the following definition applies:

Final Peer-Reviewed Manuscript: The final version of a peer-reviewed article for a professional journal publication disclosing the results of scientific research which is authored or co-authored by the recipient or funded, in whole or in part, with funds from a DoD award, that includes all modifications from the publishing peer review process, and all graphics and supplemental material associated with the article.

(ii) The recipient shall ensure that any Final Peer-Reviewed Manuscript is submitted to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) repository, currently at www.dtic.mil. Ensure that the Final Peer-Reviewed Manuscript is submitted when it is accepted for publication, and when the final title and date of publication are known.