2 CFR § 180.10 - How is this part organized?

§ 180.10 How is this part organized?

This part is organized in two segments.

(a) Sections 180.5 through 180.45 contain general policy direction for Federal agencies' use of the standards in subparts A through I of this part.

(b) Subparts A through I of this part contain uniform governmentwide standards that Federal agencies are to use to specify—

(1) The types of transactions that are covered by the nonprocurement debarment and suspension system;

(2) The effects of an exclusion under that nonprocurement system, including reciprocal effects with the governmentwide debarment and suspension system for procurement;

(3) The criteria and minimum due process to be used in nonprocurement debarment and suspension actions; and

(4) Related policies and procedures to ensure the effectiveness of those actions.