2 CFR § 910.370 - Novation of financial assistance agreements.

§ 910.370 Novation of financial assistance agreements.

(a) Financial assistance agreements are not assignable absent written consent from the contracting officer. At his or her sole discretion, the contracting officer may, through novation, recognize a third party as the successor in interest to a financial assistance agreement if such recognition is in the Government's interest, conforms with all applicable laws and the third party's interest in the agreement arises out of the transfer of:

(1) All of the recipient's assets; or

(2) The entire portion of the assets necessary to perform the project described in the agreement.

(b) When the contracting officer determines that it is not in the Government's interest to consent to the novation of a financial assistance agreement from the original recipient to a third party, the original recipient remains subject to the terms of the financial assistance agreement, and the Department may exercise all legally available remedies under 2 CFR 200.339 through 200.343, or that may be otherwise available, should the original recipient not perform.

(c) The contracting officer may require submission of any documentation in support of a request for novation, including but not limited to documents identified in 48 CFR Subpart 42.12. The contracting officer may use the format in 48 CFR 42.1204 as guidance for novation agreements identified in paragraph (a) of this section.

[80 FR 53239, Sept. 3, 2015, as amended at 87 FR 15320, Mar. 18, 2022]