20 CFR § 10.618 - How is a review of the written record conducted?

§ 10.618 How is a review of the written record conducted?

(a) The hearing representative will review the official record and any additional evidence submitted by the claimant and by the agency. The hearing representative may also conduct whatever investigation is deemed necessary. New evidence and arguments are to be submitted at any time up to the time specified by OWCP, but they should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid delaying the hearing process.

(b) The claimant should submit, with his or her application for review, all evidence or argument that he or she wants to present to the hearing representative. If the claimant chooses to change the request from an oral hearing to a review of the written record, the claimant should submit all evidence or argument at that time. A copy of all pertinent material will be sent to the employer, which will have 20 days from the date it is sent to comment. (Medical evidence is not considered “pertinent” for review and comment by the agency, and it will therefore not be furnished to the agency. OWCP has sole responsibility for evaluating medical evidence.) The employer shall send any comments to OWCP and the claimant, who will have 20 more days from the date of the agency's certificate of service to comment.