20 CFR § 295.1 - Introduction.

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§ 295.1 Introduction.

(a) Purpose. This part implements section 419 of Public Law 98-76 (97 Stat. 438), which amended section 14 of the Railroad Retirement Act to provide that, with respect to annuity amounts payable for months beginning with September 1983, the Board must comply with a court decree of divorce, annulment or legal separation, or with the terms of any court-approved property settlement incident to any such decree, which characterizes specified benefits as property subject to distribution. This part also implements section 1003 of Public Law 109-280 (120 Stat. 1053), which amended section 5 of the Railroad Retirement Act to allow the payment of an employee's tier II benefit component awarded to a former spouse as part of a property distribution incident to a decree of divorce, annulment, or legal separation to continue after the employee's death. Garnishment of benefits for alimony or child support is dealt with in part 350 of this chapter.

(b) Benefits subject to this part. Only the following benefits or portions of benefits under the Railroad Retirement Act are subject to this part:

(1) Employee annuity net tier II benefit component as provided under section 3(b) of the Railroad Retirement Act;

(2) Employee annuity vested dual benefit component as provided under section 3(h) of the Act;

(3) Employee annuity increase as provided under section 3(f) of the Act; and

(4) Supplemental annuities as provided under section 2(b) of the Act.

[51 FR 12845, Apr. 16, 1986, as amended at 73 FR 47045, Aug. 13, 2008]