20 CFR § 341.9 - Board as a party; attorney's fee.

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§ 341.9 Board as a party; attorney's fee.

(a) The Board shall not participate in the prosecution of a personal-injury claim of an employee eligible for sickness benefits and shall neither encourage nor discourage such employee with respect to the pursuit of a claim for damages.

(b) The Board shall not be a party in any action for damages brought by an employee claiming sickness benefits under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. The Board's right of reimbursement under section 12(o) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act shall not be construed as giving the Board a right of subrogation or other cause of action for damages against an alleged tortfeasor. The Board shall intervene in such an action only when it is apparent that intervention may be required to protect its right of reimbursement.

(c) The Board shall not be liable for the payment of any attorney's fee or other expenses incurred in connection with such a claim for damages.