20 CFR § 375.6 - Personnel, fiscal, and service functions.

§ 375.6 Personnel, fiscal, and service functions.

(a) Personnel. In a national emergency as defined in § 375.2, when it is no longer possible for a regional director to communicate with the Chair or his or her successor as set forth in § 375.5, complete responsibility and authority for administration of the personnel function are delegated to such regional director for his or her respective geographic area.

(b) Fiscal.

(1) In a national emergency, as defined in § 375.2, the Chair of the Board or his or her successor, as set forth in § 375.5, shall designate an individual to assume the responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer in the event that he or she is unable to assume those responsibilities.

(2) In a national emergency, incumbents of the following positions are hereby authorized to appoint emergency certifying officers:

Director of Administration
Director of Programs
Chief Financial Officer
Regional Directors.

(i) The emergency certifying officers shall be empowered to certify:

(a)Benefit payments under the Railroad Retirement Act.

(b)Benefit payments under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.

(c)Administrative expenses of the Railroad Retirement Board.

(ii) Emergency certifying officers shall be appointed under the authority delegated by this section when (a) normal channels for certifying payments have been rendered inoperable, and (b) clearance has been obtained from the ranking offical in line of sucession as set forth in § 375.5(b)(1) and (2) and under such instructions and conditions as he may prescribe.

(c) Supply and service.

(1) In a national emergency, as defined in § 375.2, complete responsibility and authority for the procurement of needed supplies, equipment, space, communications, transportation, and repair services, are delegated to each regional director for his or her geographic area.

(2) Federal sources of supply and service, if available, shall be used.

(3) Any supplies, equipment, space, or services provided under this emergency delegation shall be documented to show what was provided, the amount procured, the cost thereof, and the source from which procured.

(4) As soon after the period of national emergency as conditions permit, the records required by paragraph (c)(3) of this section shall be transmitted to the Director of Supply and Service or his surviving successor.

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