20 CFR § 404.1209 - Mandatorily excluded services.

§ 404.1209 Mandatorily excluded services.

Some services are mandatorily excluded from coverage under a State's agreement. They are:

(a) Services of employees who are hired to relieve them from unemployment;

(b) Services performed in an institution by a patient or inmate of the institution;

(c) Transportation service subject to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act;

(d) Certain emergency services in case of fire, storm, snow, volcano, earthquake, flood or other similar emergency; and

(e) Services other than agricultural labor or student services which would be excluded from coverage if performed for a private employer.

(f) Services covered under section 210(a)(7)(F) of the Act. (See § 404.1200(b).)

[53 FR 32976, Aug. 29, 1988, as amended at 57 FR 59911, Dec. 17, 1992]