20 CFR § 422.803 - Collection activities.

§ 422.803 Collection activities.

(a) We will collect all administrative debts arising out of our activities or that are referred or transferred to us, the Social Security Administration, for collection actions. We will send an initial written demand for payment no later than 30 days after an appropriate official determines that a debt exists.

(b) In accordance with 31 CFR 285.12(c) and (g), we transfer legally enforceable administrative debts that are 120 calendar days or more delinquent to Treasury for debt collection services (i.e., cross-servicing). This requirement does not apply to any debt that:

(1) Is in litigation or foreclosure;

(2) Will be disposed of under an approved asset sale program within one year of becoming eligible for sale;

(3) Has been referred to a private collection contractor for a period acceptable to the Secretary of the Treasury;

(4) Is at a debt collection center for a period of time acceptable to Treasury (see paragraph (c) of this section);

(5) Will be collected under internal offset procedures within three years after the debt first became delinquent; or

(6) Is exempt from this requirement based on a determination by Treasury that exemption for a certain class of debt is in the best interest of the United States.

(c) Pursuant to 31 CFR 285.12(h), we may refer debts less than 120 calendar days delinquent to Treasury or, with the consent of Treasury, to a Treasury-designated debt collection center to accomplish efficient, cost effective debt collection. Referrals to debt collection centers will be at the discretion of, and for a period acceptable to, the Secretary of the Treasury. Referrals may be for servicing, collection, compromise, suspension, or termination of collection action.

(d) We may refer delinquent administrative debts to Treasury for offset through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP). Administered by Treasury, TOP's centralized offset process permits Treasury to withhold funds payable by the United States to a person to collect and satisfy delinquent debts the person owes Federal agencies and States.

(e) We may collect an administrative debt by using Administrative Wage Garnishment.

(f) We may collect an administrative debt by using Federal Salary Offset.