20 CFR § 602.21 - Standard methods and procedures.

§ 602.21 Standard methods and procedures.

Each State shall:

(a) Perform the requirements of this section in accordance with instructions issued by the Department, pursuant to § 602.30(a) of this part, to ensure standardization of methods and procedures in a manner consistent with this part;

(b) Select representative samples for QC study of at least a minimum size specified by the Department to ensure statistical validity (for benefit payments, a minimum of 400 cases of weeks paid per State per year);

(c) Complete prompt and in-depth case investigations to determine the degree of accuracy and timeliness in the administration of the State UC law and Federal programs with respect to benefit determinations, benefit payments, and revenue collections; and conduct other measurements and studies necessary or appropriate for carrying out the purposes of this part; and in conducting investigations each State shall:

(1) Inform claimants in writing that the information obtained from a QC investigation may affect their eligibility for benefits and inform employers in writing that the information obtained from a QC investigation of revenue may affect their tax liability,

(2) Use a questionnaire, prescribed by the Department, which is designed to obtain such data as the Department deems necessary for the operation of the QC program; require completion of the questionnaire by claimants in accordance with the eligibility and reporting authority under State law,

(3) Collect data identified by the Department as necessary for the operation of the QC program; however, the collection of demographic data will be limited to those data which relate to an individual's eligibility for UC benefits and necessary to conduct proportions tests to validate the selection of representative samples (the demographic data elements necessary to conduct proportions tests are claimants' date of birth, sex, and ethnic classification); and

(4) Conclude all findings of inaccuracy as detected through QC investigations with appropriate official actions, in accordance with the applicable State and Federal laws; make any determinations with respect to individual benefit claims in accordance with the Secretary's “Standard for Claim Determinations—Separation Information” in the Employment Security Manual, part V, sections 6010–6015 (appendix A of this part);

(d) Classify benefit case findings resulting from QC investigations as:

(1) Proper payments, underpayments, or overpayments in benefit payment cases, or

(2) Proper denials or underpayments in benefit denial cases;

(e) Make and maintain records pertaining to the QC program, and make all such records available in a timely manner for inspection, examination, and audit by such Federal officials as the Secretary may designate or as may be required or authorized by law;

(f) Furnish information and reports to the Department, including weekly transmissions of case data entered into the automated QC system and annual reports, without, in any manner, identifying individuals to whom such data pertain; and

(g) Release the results of the QC program at the same time each year, providing calendar year results using a standardized format to present the data as prescribed by the Department; States will have the opportunity to release this information prior to any release by the Department.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under Control Number 1205–0245)