20 CFR § 61.104 - Reimbursement of claims expense.

§ 61.104 Reimbursement of claims expense.

(a) A carrier may claim reimbursement for reasonable and necessary claims expense incurred in connection with a case for which reimbursement is claimed under the Act. Reimbursement may be claimed for allocated and unallocated claims expense.

(b) The term “allocated claims expense” includes payments made for reasonable attorneys' fees, court and litigation costs, expenses of witnesses and expert testimony, examinations, autopsies and other items of expense that were reasonably incurred in determining liability under the Defense Base Act or other workers' compensation law. Allocated claims expense must be itemized and documented as described in § 61.101.

(c) The term “unallocated claims expense” means costs that are incurred in processing a claim, but cannot be specifically itemized or documented. A carrier may receive reimbursement of unallocated claims expense in an amount of to 15% of the sum of the reimbursable payments made under the Defense Base Act or other workers' compensation law. If this method of computing unallocated claims expense would not result in reimbursement of reasonable and necessary claims expense, the Office may, in its discretion, determine an amount that fairly represents the expenses incurred.

(d) The Office shall not consider as a claims expense any general administrative costs, general office maintenance costs, rent, insurance, taxes, or other similar general expenses. Nor shall expenses incurred in establishing or documenting entitlement to reimbursement under the Act be considered.