20 CFR § 615.9 - Restrictions on entitlement.

§ 615.9 Restrictions on entitlement.

(a) Disqualifications. If the week of unemployment for which an individual claims Extended Benefits is a week to which a disqualification for regular compensation applies, including a reduction because of the receipt of disqualifying income, or would apply but for the fact that the individual has exhausted all rights to such compensation, the individual shall be disqualified in the same degree from receipt of Extended Benefits for that week.

(b) Additional compensation. No individual shall be paid additional compensation and Extended Benefits with respect to the same week. If both are payable by a State with respect to the same week, the State law may provide for the payment of Extended Benefits instead of additional compensation with respect to the week. If Extended Benefits are payable to an individual by one State and additional compensation is payable to the individual for the same week by another State, the individual may elect which of the two types of compensation to claim.

(c) Interstate claims. An individual who files claims for Extended Benefits under the Interstate Benefit Payment Plan, in a State which is not in an Extended Benefit Period for the week(s) for which Extended Benefits are claimed, shall not be paid more than the first two weeks for which he/she files such claims.

(d) Other restrictions. The restrictions on entitlement specified in this section are in addition to other restrictions in EUCA and this part on eligibility for and entitlement to Extended Benefits.