20 CFR § 618.435 - Job search program participation.

§ 618.435 Job search program participation.

(a) Requirements. An AAW who participates in an approved job search program (JSP), may receive reimbursement for necessary expenses of subsistence and transportation incurred for the worker's participation in the approved JSP, regardless of the worker's approval for, or receipt of, a job search allowance under §§ 618.420 and 618.430.

(b) Approved JSP. A State may approve a JSP if:

(1) The JSP is provided through WIOA, the public employment service, or any other Federal- or State-funded program, and meets the definition provided in § 618.110; or

(2) The JSP is sponsored by the firm from which the AAW has been separated.

(c) JSP allowances. Subsistence and transportation costs, whether inside or outside the AAW's commuting area, must be approved for workers participating in JSPs in accordance with § 618.640(a) and within available State funding levels.